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noise_friends's Journal

Noise Rock Community
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A community for talking about noise rock... and so on...
7 year rabbit cycle, a short apnea, abort protocol, aidswolf, animal collective, antioch arrow, arab on radar, big black, black dice, boredoms, boris, boxleitner, brainbombs, brick bat, bride of no no, brise glace, browns, bulb, burmese, caroliner, cheer accident, chinese stars, colossamite, couch, crack w.a.r., crom tech, curse of the birthmark, dazzling killmen, death from above, die monitr bats, dna, dog faced hermans, dot dot dot, electroputas, erase errata, every boredoms sideband, ex models, excepter, exzoskeleton, fat day, faxed head, flipper, flossie and the unicorns, flying luttenbachers, forcefield, friends forever, get hustle, glass candy, gorge trio, hair police, halo of flies, hammerhead, harry pussy, hatewave, iran, japanther, jesus lizard, john zorn, kites, lake of dracula, landed, lightning bolt, live skull, load, malade de souci, man is the bastard, mars, melt banana, men's recovery project, merzbow, metalux, mindflayer, miss high heel, monitor radio, mount shasta, mouth us, naked city, nautical almanac, neon hunk, noxagt, numbers, octis, ooioo, orthrelm, panicsville, pink and brown, psych-o-path records, pussy galore, quintron, racebannon, rapeman, renaldo and the loaf, residents, royal trux, rubber o cement, ruins, scissor girls, scratch acid, screamers, shakuhachi surprise, shellac, shorty, sicbay, sick lipstick, sightings, skin graft, skullflower, sleetmute nightmute, snowsuit, sonic youth, space streakings, strangulated beat-offs, supreme indifference, swans, the conformist, the cows, the hex, the lowdown, the new faggot cunts, the residents, the seconds, theteethe, thinking fellers union, thrones, total shutdown, trenchmouth, tumult, u.s. maple, ufo or die, unwound, usaisamonster, uzeda, vaz, vicki, white mice, wolf eyes, xbxrx, xerobot, xxxxbeathappeningxxx, yamatsuka eye, yona kit, yoshimi, you fantastic!, zeek sheck, zeni geva, zipcode rapists, zombi, zulu as kono